Nellie Brown

Director of Workplace Health & Safety Programs, Cornell University

Nellie Brown, MS, CIH, is the Director of the Workplace Health and Safety Program for both the Outreach Division statewide and for the Buffalo Co-Lab of Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. A certified industrial hygienist (Board for Global EHS Credentialing), biologist and chemist, Nellie provides virtual and on-site training and technical assistance on a wide range of occupational safety and health hazards including chemicals, biological agents (including COVID-19), ergonomics, occupational stress, shift-work and long hours of work, crisis and violence prevention, hazard analysis techniques, and indoor air quality for employers, labor unions, and the public. She teaches a virtual credit course on occupational safety and health. Nellie has received several health and safety awards and is frequently interviewed by the media (including CNN). She is the author of numerous occupational health hazard manuals, training programs, and articles; her publications on Cornell University’s DigitalCollections@ILR e-Library have been downloaded over 283,000 times in over 180 countries. She also authors the Safety Column for Clear Waters, the journal of the NY Water Environment Association.